Studio Lighting for Beginners

From the most basic to the moderately experienced amateur, we're happy to address any questions or uncertainty you many have as we go through the workshop. We cover everything you need to know about studio lighting to get you started. This includes your camera settings for studio photography, how to work a studio flash, light modifiers and how best to use them, creative use of just one studio light to create a variety of images. 

We encourage you to bring your own camera so you can fully participate in all studio lighting setups with our model and ensure you'll have some images to take home with you. The class starts with an hands-on introduction of the main types of studio flash lights and modifiers, exploring topics such as angle, distance, light fall off, shadows placement, background colour, hard and soft light and much more.

You will be practicing your technique and skill with a mannequin model so there is no pressure to shoot quickly or feel rushed. There will be plenty of time for you to shoot the model in the different lighting scenarios. 

You will be provided with detail notes and cheat sheets that you can keep and refer back to in the future. These will be provided as hard copies and direct digital downloads.



- Studio equipment and setup 

- Studio strobes overview
- Light modifiers overview
- Camera settings and exposure triangle

- Studio lighting workflow

- Soft and hard light
- Creative use of one light
- Light angle from subject and consequences
- Light distance from subject and consequences
- Constructive use of shadow to enhance the image
- Essential rules for successful lighting
- Light falloff

If you wish to attend the workshop please fill in the contact sheet below and state in the message section the workshop you wish to attend. You will be placed on the list and we will contact you to arrange payment.