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This hands-on interactive tuition is for anyone looking to edit professional-quality video using Adobe Premiere Pro, industry standard cutting edge editing software system. Participants will be taken through optimum workflow from ingestion of footage to final output. 


  • Exploring the Premiere interface

  • Project preferences and settings

  • Creating a new project 

  • Organising projects 

  • Importing assets 

  • Organising clips in an event 

  • Organising clips using meta-data

  • Append and insert edits 

  • Overwrite edits 

  • Trimming clips 

  • Slipping clips 

  • Making compound clips 

  • Connect edits using B–roll 

  • Replace edits 

  • Audio and Video only edits 

  • Moving and re-ordering clips 

  • Deleting clips 

  • Inserting gap and place–holders 

  • The position tool 

  • Snapping 

  • Using the precision editor 

  • Creating subclips 

  • Using markers 

  • Amending audio 

  • Audio effects 

  • Creating fades 

  • Creating cross fades 

  • Adding additional audio effects

  • Adding music

  • Adding and adjusting transitions 

  • Applying video effects 

  • Creating titles 

  • Amending motion parameters 

  • Re–timing clips to alter the speed and create freeze frames

  • Making basic colour corrections 

  • Exporting from Premiere

  • Exporting using compressor 

  • Archiving projects

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