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LIGHTROOM One to One Training

Adobe Lightroom is becoming more and more popular with photographers and is increasingly being seen as the main retouching program. Lightroom goes hand in hand with Photoshop and together sets the industry standard of image editing. 



  • Library Module 

  • Import / Export

  • Creating metadata presets

  • Captions and keywords

  • Renaming files

  • Organising in collections and smart collections

  • Editing using flags, filters and ratings


  • Develop Module

  • Histogram

  • Tone adjustments, corrections for under / over exposure

  • White balance & adjustment

  • Contrast & clarity, vibrance and saturation

  • Using tone curves 

  • HSL / Colour / B&W

  • Sharpening

  • Noise reduction

  • Lens corrections

  • Effects


  • Virtual copies

  • Camera calibration

  • Cropping and straightening, aspect ratios

  • Spot removal and Localised adjustments

  • Graduated filters and the adjustment brush

  • Linking Lightroom with Photoshop


  • Output

  • Export

  • File formats and their usages

  • Size and resolution

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I found the one-to-one to be interesting and enlightening. My photos are now being filed in a way more manageable manner and I now feel more confident with the mechanics of the camera. 4 Hours passed by very quickly and I feel that I learnt a lot!’

★★★★★  Carla Jane

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