Being a good photographer doesn't automatically make you a good educator. There is a big difference between having knowledge and imparting that knowledge onto others. As an educator by profession, I have many years of experience delivering high quality teaching and learning,backed by internationally recognised qualifications in education. 


Effective teaching is more than having extensive subject knowledge a solid portfolio, it's about being able to deliver content in an accessible and engaging manner that is both encouraging and rewarding. Learning is a life long process and developing a growth mindset is key if one wishes to develop themselves fully.


My workshops and one to one sessions are focused around the learners needs. By employing the best practical methodologies my approach to learning is hands on. People learn best by doing, therefore when you attend my workshops, you better be prepared to do! Of course there will be times when you will need to listen to important information, however this won't be death by power point. Instead expect to be engaged in discussions and questioning, allowing you to think critically and apply practically. 


I offer both large and small group workshops along with one to one sessions. I can create a custom tailored program right for you depending on your skill level and needs. Take a look at the testimonials to see what past attendees felt after attending one of my workshops.