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Fashion Portfolio Builder

1 day course / 10am - 4pm / Qr 2000 / 6 Places available

The Portfolio Building Day is for those that want to upgrade their portfolio with a stunning fashion shoot put together by a creative team of industry professionals.

You’ll spend the majority of the day focusing on your shooting and taking as many frames as possible. Should you need advice, I will be there all day offering my help and assistance.

The Portfolio Building Day is open to photographers at all levels as we wish to offer everyone the opportunity to get a professional fashion shoot under their belt.


We’re setting up three stations to shoot at, each with a different lighting set up. The stylist will work through three changes for each of the three models, more if time permits it. This setup will allow each workshop participant to shoot at least 9 distinctive looks by the end of the day.

The day will conclude with a seminar of retouching and post production by Ferhan Khan. This is not a Photoshop workshop where you will need to follow along on your own laptop. Instead just grab a coffee, sit back and let me take you through my workflow as I process a RAW image right the way through to completion.

A running commentary will allow you to understand my decision making and I'll happily answer any questions you have along the way. 

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