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STUDIO LIGHTING One to One Training

Studio Lighting tuition is for beginner, intermediate and advanced photographers alike. You will learn how to control continuous and flash lighting using daylight, studio lamps and your own camera-mounted flash.

Lighting Techniques: 
  • Flash lighting (including flashguns)

  • Balancing flash and constant light

  • Flash metering

  • Incident light metering

  • Reflected light metering

  • Use of Grey Card

  • Controlling light

  • Softboxes

  • Umbrellas

  • Polyboards

  • Backgrounds

  • Continuous Light Source (including daylight)​

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I found the one-to-one to be interesting and enlightening. My photos are now being filed in a way more manageable manner and I now feel more confident with the mechanics of the camera. 4 Hours passed by very quickly and I feel that I learnt a lot!’

★★★★★  Carla Jane

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