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DSLR VIDEO One to One Training

Our private DSLR Video tuition is aimed at those who want to utilise the video functions of their DSLR camera. 


Suggested topics
  • Setting up the camera for video

  • Understanding the menus

  • Video shutter speed

  • Video ISO

  • Picture and colour profiles

  • Resolutions

  • File types and codec’s

  • Frame rates

  • Pull focus

  • Composing & shooting with framing in mind

  • Which memory cards are best for video

  • How to handle a DSLR as a video camera

  • Shooting techniques

  • Audio

  • Rigs and accessories

  • Publishing video to Youtube / Vimeo

  • Location shooting

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‘I have worked with Ferhan on three courses now and I learnt a lot from each one. The good thing is the course details link to his work and you can see how skilled in this field he is in ways that would be useful to what you need to get out of your course. I would thoroughly recommend any of his.’

★★★★★  Jennifer Markson

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