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Video Editing with Premiere Pro
1 day course / 10am - 5pm / Qr 1000 / 6 Places available

You’ll learn everything you need to know to edit video: the fundamentals of the interface, importing and organising material, creating and refining edits, working with audio, working with effects, adding titles, and exporting for distribution.

We won’t focus on the technical aspect, but on “how to get things done”, using real world video materials.

Premiere Pro is an amazing creative tool, that allows us to create compelling video content by ourselves, in a way that is accessible to everybody.

This workshop is designed for students with no previous experience, coming from different backgrounds: film students, photographers, designers, artists, and all other kind of creatives.

Students must bring their laptops (Mac or PC), with an installed version of Premiere Pro CC. A fully functional demo of the software may be downloaded from the Adobe website.



  • Exploring the Premiere interface

  • Project preferences and settings

  • Creating a new project

  • Organizing projects

  • Importing assets

  • Organising clips in an sequence

  • Organising clips using meta-data


  • Append and insert edits

  • Overwrite edits

  • Trimming clips

  • Nesting clips

  • Audio and Video only edits


  • Moving and re-ordering clips

  • Deleting clips

  • Snapping

  • Using markers


  • Amending audio

  • Audio effects

  • Creating fades

  • Creating cross fades

  • Adding additional audio effects

  • Adding music

  • Adding and adjusting transitions

  • Applying video effects

  • Creating titles

  • Re–timing clips to alter the speed and create freeze frames

  • Making basic colour corrections

  • Exporting from Premiere

  • Archiving projects


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