Ivana Girad

Fine Art Photographer

I have attended many workshops in Paris and New York and I must say that I have really enjoyed the most Fine Art Workshop organized by Ferhan Khan in Doha. He is not only an amazing photographer but also a great educator!. His workshops are organized in a way that both - photographers just starting out as well as professional photographers can benefit and learn from. Ferhan has great ability to transfer his knowledge to attendees, he is patient in explaining and detailed in answering questions.

Mariana Sivova

Infant and Family Photographer

You realise pretty quick during the workshop that Ferhan is a true educator with years of experience. His ability to engage everyone in the room and how he explains complex topics in an easy to understand way, makes learning easy. I found his style relaxed yet focused and he answers questions with detail. Although there were others in the room, he some how manages to make teaching personal. I learn't so much and have been on 2 of his workshops including the Photoshop Beginners workshop and the Studio Lighting for Beginners.

Wray Mayne

Infant & Lifestyle Photographer

What a really fantastic workshop ... so much real and useful information but above all you inspired me to do so much more  ... Thank you so much Ferhan

Mounir Bendouzane

Graphics Media Al Jazeera

Working for Al Jazeera I've been on many different visual media related courses. I found this workshop to be well structured and engaging. The material covered during the session was pitched at the right level for me and I was able to get stuck into the practical learning immediately. The resources that accompanied the workshop were great and I can now refer back to them at any point. A very good workshop for those interested in studio related work.

Zulfiqar Ali

Landscape Photographer

I very much enjoyed the workshop and learnt lots. I had loads of questions during the day all of which were answered. It was really fun being back at school learning new techniques and I've already started using these taking photos of my children. Ferhan is a great teacher and got us all stuck in straight away setting up equipment, you really learn everything you need to get started in studio work. Can't wait for the Photoshop workshop! Highly recommended.

Ahmed Saad

Fashion Photographer

Thank you so much for an amazing workshop. Really for the first time I felt I did something stunning in my life. I've learn't so much in such a short space of time and realised that with very little equipment you can achieve so much.

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